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Verenigt mensen met een hart voor Roemenië


Raluca Zaharia





Ik ben...

I am Ioana Raluca Zaharia - teacher and actress. A creative being in constant motion.


The day that allows me to meditate

Mijn Levensmotto

Nothing is accidental.

Wat Geeft mij kracht en energie?

People, the joy of dreaming.

Het grootste keerpunt in mijn leven

In my adolescence, my parents made a decision that changed my entire studying journey - I was transfer from a school with classical pedagogy to one with alternative pedagogy - that's what made me who I am today

De grootste prestatie van je leven tot nu toe

The belief that I can do anything I want.

Waar ken ik DR-Vlaanderen van?

DR has supported me with its rich experience gained over your years. Our activities have brought us together.

Activiteiten die ik wil organiseren met ADR-Vlaanderen

With its rich experienced earned along the years. Educational and artistic projects– that can enable people to grow their social skills in an harmonious way.

Categorie: Cultuur
Rol: Verbindende rol
Functies: Culturele functie, Gemeenschapsvormend



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